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  • Tech Event 2021

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    Do you already know what you are going to do after your current training course? Are you interested in machining and want to combine training and work? Would you like to work in automotive production, aeronautics industry, smart-phones or medical apparatus?

    The Tech Event is organized by companies affiliated to Brainport Industries College. You can get information about the company, have a guided tour and then you can get to work. Under supervision you can work on a racing-car, a mobile-phone holder or other fun gadgets.

    After your visit to the Tech Event you’ll have a better idea if working with plastics is for you. Bring your parents along too. They are more than welcome.

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  • Investments 2018

    Hermle C32-U with BMO robot.

    “The investment we’re most proud of” according to owner Ton Walet, in referance to the combination of a Hermle C32-U and loading-robot from BMO.

    “User-friendly” is of utmost importance at BLW. The operation and programming of the Hermle C32-U in combination with the loading robot from BMO is simple ensuring more efficient set-up times.

    This combination offers the flexibility needed when machining small and large quantities consecutively. As a result of this system we are able to improve our delivery performance and make more efficient use of the available capacity.

  • Column-mounted Swinging Jib Crane

    In October 2018 we installed a new Column-mounted swinging jib crane to aid the loading and unloading of our Unisign Univers 4000 machine.

    The crane is also used to improve the efficiency of set-up times when removing and replacing the moving column.

  • VW Crafter Transport Van

    In November 2018 we purchased a new VW Crafter Transport van. The van proudly displays the characteristic logo and colors of BLW Kunststoffen.

    This new vehicle enables us to service our clients quickly and reliably.